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Related post: Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 22:58:48 -0500 From: AJ AJ Subject: Real World 10: The Gay WorldDisclaimer: This story angel preteen sluts features gay elements and if you are offended by that, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE TO BEGIN WITH! If it is illegal to view this where you are, I truly feel sorry for you. Get on a plane, boat, raft or swim, but get to America where you can view what you want(as long as you are of legal age). I don't know Mike or Kevin from the Real World: New York, and have no SOLID proof of their sexual preferences, though I vombat preteen galleries have my suspicions. Everything in this story, to my immediate knowledge, is fiction. And if they are preteen naturist images offended by people writing gay things about them, too bad, free speech...and what are they doing reading this in the first place?Real World X: The Gay World "This is getting out of hand," thought Kevin. "Between Mike and Coral's fighting, Nicole and Malik's African issues, and Lori's horrid singing, I just lina preteen swimwear can't think preteen portal nn straight." Kevin was laying in bed with a pair pregnant preteen 11yo of tight blue boxers on. He had been so horny lately, but had no way of top 50 preteen getting off without the whole world seeing. female preteen He couldn't jerk preteen thumb galleries off and he couldn't fuck a decent person without the world knowing he was gay. "I need to fuck someone soon or I am going to explode," muttered Kevin, "but who?" Just then Mike walked into the room and plopped down on his bed. Kevin could tell Mike was really pissed off. He guessed Coral had a another bitching session with him. He watched as Mike peeled off his shirt, revealing a tight six pack and large pecs with small, pink, erect nipples. Mike undid his belt and let his pants slide down to the ground. His built, almost hairless legs were Kevin's eye candy. Kevin watched as Mike pointed his ass straight at his face to pull off his pants. Kevin climbed under the sheets to hide his 9 inch cut erection. He rolled over onto his stomach and gently grinded his hips into the preteen porn young bed. "He is so stupid," Kevin thought to himself, "He is oblivious to the fact that he makes me so horny." Kevin held preteen in nylon his breath while Mike took off his preteen columbian girls boxers, unveiling his tight bubble butt. Mike's ass bounced up and preteen modelig down as he climbed into bed. Soon, he was young preteen naturist asleep. Kevin stayed awake that japanesse preteen pics night trying to come up with a plan how he could get Mike to become his boy toy... The next day was a normal day. They all went to work and came back at night exhausted. "Does anyone site porno preteens want to go to a club tonight," Mike asked. It was clear nobody wanted to, and Kevin thought this would be a perfect chance for some alone time with him and Mike. "Sure," Kevin replied, "I know of this awesome club I wanted to check out." After a few minutes to get ready, Kevin and Mike were out the door. Kevin had paid the camera man a crisp 50 dollar bill angel funs preteen not preteen legal galleries to go with them that night. As they walked into the preteen sexual incest bar, Mike said, "Where are all the chick's?" "I dunno italian preteen photos dude, this might be a gay bar," Kevin said, pretending to be surprised. "Let's get the hell out of here then dammit, I aint a fuckin' queer," Mike said all retarded like. "Let's just stay, it was 20 bucks to get in and there is a two photo preteen nue drink minimum, we can just free preteenporn clips go wild and have fun," Kevin said preteen boy galleries cool-ly. "It's not that big of a deal, and you don't preteens in bra have to dance." "But I have a need to get my groove on," Mike said. "So then Dance with someone," Kevin replied. "Dude, with a guy?" Mike said retardedly again. "Sure why the hell not," Kevin said motioning to the dance floor. "You can dance with me if you feel so insecure about it." "I am not insecure..I just..oh what the hell," Mike preteens model list said, sounding defeated. Mike and Kevin danced for hours, and Mike got more virtuell preteen porn than a little drunk. Kevin stayed sober, preteens cp samples he needed to stay clear headed if he wanted his plan to work. Suddenly, "What's Your Fantasy" by Ludicris foros de preteens came on. Kevin came up behind Mike and rammed his crotch into Mike's bubbly ass. He went preteen sexy underwear around Mike and preteen cum models grabbed his crotch and said, "Someone is hard." Mike looked embarrassed. "Dude, I am horny as hell and there are no hot chick's to fuck," Mike whined. "Wanna go somewhere and talk in private," Kevin asked. Mike nodded and they headed up stairs. panty lover preteen All the rooms had an OCCUPIED sign on them, except for one. preteens lil panties Kevin put up the OCCUPIED sign on the door and locked it. Pictures real preteens photos of naked men were all over the walls. There was a bed by the window and a T.V. at the foot of the bed. Also, to the preteen child toplist side, was a glass door leading to a shower. Kevin lay down on the bed and nn preteen pantyhose motion for Mike to sit next to him. When Mike sat down, he began babbling about how preteen first undressing since he's black blonde preteen been on the show, he has been to nervous to thai preteens pedo fuck someone because he was afraid the younger preteen pussy camera would be on him. "The camera isn't on your right now," Kevin said seductively. "Yeah, I thought that was weird. preteen pussy cp But there aren't any freak panty droppers around," Mike replied. "Does there have to be girl's?" Kevin said looking Mike straight in the eye. "Of course dude, why would I have sex with a guy?" Mike asked. "Well I mean...OK look. Here we are alone ptsc preteen sex on a bed. We are both unbelievably horny preteens en lollitas and preteen best preteen there are no girl's around. The camera isn't on us and we are pretty good friends. pubescent preteen pussy Why not help each other out?" Kevin explained. After 5 minutes of thought, Mike said, OK, and closed his eyes. "YES!," Kevin screamed in his head. preteen pussy cock He Leaned over and started rubbing the large mound in Mike's hottest sex preteen pants. Mike let out a soft moan and leaned into Kevin's hand. Kevin took of his shirt and then took of Mike's. He grabbed Mike and rolled him over on top of him so their cock's were rubbing against one another's. Kevin started massaging Mike's ass and pushed down on it so their cock's could grind together harder. Mike moved to Kevin's neck and started nibbling on it, sending ripples of pleasure through Kevin's body. With that, Kevin moved his hands to Mike's preteen nudes bodies chest. His hands were rubbing Mike's soft nipples. He was in pleasure, his body was tensed and soon his nipples were hard. cute preteens butts Kevin moved his head naked preteen images backwards allowing Mike to have full access to his neck. Kevin rubbed his chest with one hand while his other hand preteen hot fotos rub Mike's well defined abs. With that they kissed each other's lips. Their tongue's entered each other's mouths while tasting their saliva. The French kiss lasted a couple of minutes. While they were kissing, Kevin moved his body up and down, rubbing the two gallery preteen 15yo bare chested men together. When the kiss ended, they both stood up to admire each other's bodies. Kevin then started moving his hands to the top of Mike's leather pants. preteens nude ls He opened the top button and lowered his fly. He could see Mike's boxers young preteen naturals already with his huge hardon pressing against the soft material. He bent over a little and took them off. He kneeled in front of Mike and moved his hands all the way up Mike's legs preteen vagina images to his torso. He then started taking his boxers off. x preteen links His cock popped up and hit him on his nose. He took the litlle preteen pics boxers off and threw them on the floor. 1000 models preteen Now Mike was completely nude. nn preteen guestbook Kevin stopped for a moment to admire Mike's 10 1/2 inch pole. It was cut beautifully and was about 5 inches wide. He was hung like a fucking horse! Kevin stepped preteen african porno preteen horny sex up moving his hands from Mike's back to his ass. He kissed him once again on his lips while his hands rubbed his ass. Now Mike moved his hands to Kevin's jeans and started opening them. Once the fly underaged preteens fucking was low, Kevin took both, his pants and boxers off. Now they were both naked. They kissed again and started walking toward the shower. Mike entered it first and turned on the hot water. Soon the room was full preteen boy jerk of hot steam. Kevin entered the shower and closed the glass door behind him. With the hot water cascading their bodies, Kevin started planting kisses on Mike's neck moving down to his chest. He raised Mike's arms and held them up preteen naked pussy while his tongue tasted tgp preteen cartoon his sexy nipples. Mike started moaning softly. He was now Kevin's property. Kevin kept licking Mike's body, moving down to his torso. He was kneeling in front of Mike again, this time preteen facial entering his belly button. His hands were playing with his nipples again. Now in front of him was Mike's stiff cock waiting to be sucked. He moved his hands to Mike's preteen girls posing strong legs and licked preteen art thumbs the tip of his cock. Kevin took his hard cock and placed it in his mouth. Chris started moaning harder, almost screaming. He moved his hands to Kevin's head pushing it forward on his cock. Kevin preteen locker nude moved his hands to Mike's hanging balls and started preteen naughty fun playing with them. Kevin got halfway down on Mike's cock before he started gagging. Waiting a few minutes to adjust, he took the whole cock on and deep throated it. His jaw was completely stretched latina pre teens out and it preteen sex children started hurting. But Kevin didn't care. He sucked Mike's shaft harder and harder, in and out. In a matter of minutes his cum was filling Kevin's mouth. He tasted his friends cum and drank it all. Kevin stood up and kissed Mike, sharing his preteen bdsm cum and refueling their sexual energies. preteen nonude illegal Now it foro preteen models was time for Kevin to underaged preteen boys get served. He stood up in front of Mike, laying on the wall below the shower head. Mike kneeled in front of him but he didn't wanted preteen websites vombat to suck Kevin's cock, he wanted something else. So he ordered Kevin to turn around. Now Kevin's ass indian preteen pussys was in front of Mike's face. Mike moved his tongue to Kevin's asshole and start licking preteenporn bbs it. When Mike's tongue make contact with Kevin's asshole, he let out a scream of pleasure. With his hands on Kevin's thighs, Mike pushed his tongue deeper inside his friends asshole. His hands were roaming Kevin's balls, stomach, thighs, and calves. Kevin didn't know what to do with his free hands preteens photos underage so he began jacking off. He finally came and took his cum and started spreading it on his naked preteen marcia nn body. He tuned around as Mike was standing up and told preteen sex mags him to lick his cum off him. As Mike licked all over Kevin's body, Kevin noticed Mike had another erection. Mike started licking Kevin's tgp preteen webcam feet as he bent over and grabbed some soap. Kevin picked Mike up by his hair and told horney preteen boys him to lube him up as he forum models preteen grabbed on to the shower railing and bent over. Mike took the preteens photos fucking soap and preteen models swimsuit lathered Kevin's asshole good. He looked down at his friend's ass and started rubbing his soft ass cheeks and he started humping preteenz boys him. "Dude, your ass is so soft private preteens porn I can't stand it," Mike grunted. "Shut up preteens pictures adult and fuck me," Kevin groaned. With that, Mike lubed himself up and entered Kevin's tight asshole. Kevin screamed because of the pain. He has never been buttfucked by someone so big. Soon, Mike was all preteen nude angle the way in his ass and began pumping slowly. Kevin's soft colon walls felt orgasmic in every way. In and out, In and out, Mike was giving Kevin us nude preteen the fuck of his life. Kevin started getting another erection and Mike began to massage it. Soon Mike came inside of Kevin, filling his ass with a load of man spunk. Kevin was breathing hard and groaning as Mike began to eat him out. Mike was really turned on at the thought of russian preteen thumbs eating his own cum out preteen teenies tgp of his good friend's ass. Kevin got out of the shower and laid down on the bed, sopping wet. Mike sat on Kevin's face and bent way to to suck his cock. Kevin started drooling all over Mike's ass, using his saliva as a lubricant. Mike did the same with Kevin's penis preteen nude dreaming and then got up. Mike squatted down on Kevin's dick, taking in little by little. Mike had private nude preteen never been butt fucked before, and it preteen model passwords hurt like hell. But it was the kind of pain that britney preteen model turns you on. preteen rape porn When Mike had Kevin all the way in him, he started bouncing up and down, looking Kevin in the eye. They were both moaning over the noise of the bed squeaking. They leaned into each other and kissed. They were one person, connected in the most preteens lesbian incest joyful act two friend could share. Kevin curled his toes and screamed in pleasure as he came inside his new lover. "He's mine forever," Kevin thought, korean preteens photos "Or at least until the show ends."So that's my story, e-mail me at if you would like to see me write more story's. -AJ
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